Cyber is a fascinating labyrinthine world, harboring a wealth of constantly evolving opportunities and breakthroughs, dangers and challenges, and new actors and frontiers. In a selection of talks, I present the most current developments in the field, combining research and current affairs in accessible language.

Topics include:


Cyber and COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and live, opening new opportunities for attackers and challenges for cyber defense. Cyber criminals and governments alike are working hard to turn the tables in their favor- stealing trade secrets, vaccine information, and more.  What has changed in cyber during COVID-19? How are nations and organizations coping? Who takes advantage of the situation and how?


International Cyber Arena Actors

Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, as well as the U.S. and Israel, are considered leading countries in terms of offensive cyber capabilities. Who are the main players in the international cyber arena? What are the key threats? What is the global balance of cyber power?


Cyber and Covert Operations

Traditionally, cyberattacks between states were considered covert operations of the sort that governments like to keep under the radar. In recent years, however, cyberattacks have become a very public affair. What caused this change? What motivates states to disclose these attacks?


Cyber and Artificial Intelligence

AI technologies are making rapid inroads into every aspect of our life. The combination of AI and offensive cyber capabilities can create new threats with far-reaching scope and capabilities. AI systems can themselves be targeted, posting yet another threat.  What are the new threats that come with this new technology? And how does it affect our daily lives?


Organizational Cyber Security - What Chief Security Officers Need to Know

Cyber threats are relevant to every organization today. What are the main threats? Who are the actors? What is threat modeling? How to conduct a threat assessment and management process? This practical talk addresses everything an organization’s Chief Security Officer needs to know.

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