Academic Publications


Deter, Disrupt, or Deceive: Assessing Cyber Conflict as an Intelligence Contest (December 2023)

International Studies Review


Saving face in the cyberspace: responses to public cyber intrusions in the Gulf (November 2023)

CSP – Contemporary Security Policy


Public Secrets: The Dynamics of Publicity and Secrecy in Offensive Cyber Operations (June 2023)

Journal of Global Security Studies


A sliding scale of secrecy: toward a better understanding of the role of publicity in offensive cyber operations (March 2023)

Journal of Cyber Policy


Cyber Threats to Space Systems – Current Risks and the Role of NATO (June 2020)

Joint Air & Space Power Conference 2020


Cyber and Artificial Intelligence — Technological Trends and National Challenges (March 2020)

Cyber, Intelligence, and Security


The Space Arms Race: Global Trends and State Interests (October 2019)

Cyber, Intelligence, and Security


The Academic Reserve: Israel’s Fast Track to High-Tech Success (September 2019)

Israel Studies Review


Covert or not Covert: National Strategies During Cyber Conflict (June 2019)

2019 11th International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon)


Strategic trends in the global cyber conflict (March 2019)

Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal


Why can’t we be friends? Challenges to international cyberwarfare cooperation efforts and the way ahead (March 2019)

Comparative Strategy


Israeli Defense in the Age of Cyber War (October 2017)

Middle East Quarterly


Trends in space activities in 2014: The significance of the space activities of governments (January 2016)

Acta Astronautica


Critical Infrastructures and their Interdependence in a Cyber Attack – The Case of the U.S. Military and Strategic Affairs (March 2015)

Military and Strategic Affairs


Trends in Government Space Activity and Policy in 2013 (September 2014)



The Effect of Cyberwar Technologies on Force Buildup: The Israeli Case (May 2013)

Military and Strategic Affairs

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