Op-eds and Commentary


The financial effect of a cyber crisis: The neglected costs senior executives should take into account (November 2022)

CTECH by Calcalist


How the cyberwar between Iran and Israel has intensified (July 2022)

The Washington Post


Russo-Ukrainian War Highlights Cyber Threats to Satellite Communications (April 2022)

The National Interest

cyber war

Israel and Iran’s Cyberwar Is Increasingly Targeting Civilians (March 2022)

The National Interest


US Global Ransomware Summit: More Needs to be Done (November 2021)



Why do governments reveal cyber intrusions (November 2021)



The 5×5—How retaliation shapes cyber conflict (May 2021)

Atlantic Council


Indicting Russia’s Most Destructive Cyberwar Unit: The Implications of Public Attribution (Novemver 2020)

Council on Foreign Relations


Trick or Threat? The ghouls and goblins behind this year’s cyber incidents (October 2020)

Atlantic Council


Israel and Iran Just Showed Us the Future of Cyberwar With Their Unusual Attacks (June 2020)

Foreign Policy


Strategic Decision-Making During Cyber Conflict: The SingHealth Case (September 2019)

RSIS Commentaries. Singapore: Nanyang Technological University


Iran Is Mastering the Final Frontier (March 2019)

Foreign Policy


The Theft and Reuse of Advanced Offensive Cyber Weapons (June 2018)

Council on Foreign Relations


Space Wars – Why Our Space Systems Need an Upgrade (January 2015)

Foreign Affairs

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