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Cyber and Intelligence in Los Angeles

Earlier this month I had a great time speaking at the American Political Science Association annual conference in Los Angeles on the intersection of Cyber

My new paper is out!

Last week my new paper ā€œPublic Secrets: The Dynamics of Publicity and Secrecy in Offensive Cyber Operationsā€ was published in the Journal of Global Security

Diplomacy, Space and Cyber šŸš€

In late May, the US State Department unveiled its groundbreaking strategic framework for space diplomacy. This strategy marks a significant shift, highlighting the State Department’s

Outer space Cybersecurity

Last week, I participated in an expert workshop on challenges in the cybersecurity of space systems. The goal of the workshop was to present and

**My new paper is out!**

So how secret are offensive cyber operations? In the past, offensive cyber operations have been covert: the results and repercussions of the offensive action have

US Cyber Command – Towards Future Changes?

There have been two interesting developments regarding the U.S. cyber command structure in recent months. I was interested in understanding what was going on as

Albania cuts Iran ties over cyberattack

Last July, Albania experienced a series of cyberattacks that seriously damaged the proper functioning of the government services (I will write about the connection to

Why Do Governments Reveal Cyber Intrusions?

I am glad to share a new piece I wrote forĀ The Lawfare InstituteĀ that discusses the available strategies for countries that suffered cyberattacks or intrusions. I

Cyberattacks against Iranian gas stations

Iranian gas stations were disrupted across the country by a cyberattack last Tuesday. Gholamreza Jalali, the head of Iran’s Civil Defence Organization, stated: “We are

CIA director speech at Stanford University

Yesterday I attended a fascinating discussion with CIA director William Burns at Stanford University. Director Burns described his plans in four key areas – 1.

IISS Cyber Power Index

In recent years, we have heard a lot about ‘cyber power’ of countries, but when we think about what the term ‘cyber power’ means, there

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