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In recent years, we have heard a lot about ‘cyber power’ of countries, but when we think about what the term ‘cyber power’ means, there seems to be no clear answer.

Measuring “cyber weapons” is hard, and variables such as the quality of the skilled manpower, training capabilities, the relationship between government and industry – are some of the factors that may affect states’ ‘cyber power’.
Therefore, researchers have begun to try to develop methods to assess the cyber power of countries.


One of the latest attempts was published last week and I had the privilege of taking part in it: The International Institute for Strategic Studies published a comprehensive study examining various national cyber power.
The report ranks countries into three tires, with the U.S. ranked first and defined as the only cyber-superpower. Israel is ranked in the second tier defined as a leading country, along with Britain, Australia, China, France, Canada and Russia.
This report offers tremendous value​ to the understanding of ​national cyber capabilities: it presents an innovative methodology and provides a comprehensive view of the current and future position of each country.

Here you can read the report and watch my talk – https://www.iiss.org/blogs/research-paper/2021/06/cyber-capabilities-national-power  

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