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Cyber and Intelligence in Los Angeles

Earlier this month I had a great time speaking at the American Political Science Association annual conference in Los Angeles on the intersection of Cyber

My new paper is out!

Last week my new paper “Public Secrets: The Dynamics of Publicity and Secrecy in Offensive Cyber Operations” was published in the Journal of Global Security

Diplomacy, Space and Cyber 🚀

In late May, the US State Department unveiled its groundbreaking strategic framework for space diplomacy. This strategy marks a significant shift, highlighting the State Department’s

Outer space Cybersecurity

Last week, I participated in an expert workshop on challenges in the cybersecurity of space systems. The goal of the workshop was to present and

**My new paper is out!**

So how secret are offensive cyber operations? In the past, offensive cyber operations have been covert: the results and repercussions of the offensive action have

US Cyber Command – Towards Future Changes?

There have been two interesting developments regarding the U.S. cyber command structure in recent months. I was interested in understanding what was going on as

Albania cuts Iran ties over cyberattack

Last July, Albania experienced a series of cyberattacks that seriously damaged the proper functioning of the government services (I will write about the connection to

Why Do Governments Reveal Cyber Intrusions?

I am glad to share a new piece I wrote for The Lawfare Institute that discusses the available strategies for countries that suffered cyberattacks or intrusions. I

Cyberattacks against Iranian gas stations

Iranian gas stations were disrupted across the country by a cyberattack last Tuesday. Gholamreza Jalali, the head of Iran’s Civil Defence Organization, stated: “We are

CIA director speech at Stanford University

Yesterday I attended a fascinating discussion with CIA director William Burns at Stanford University. Director Burns described his plans in four key areas – 1.

IISS Cyber Power Index

In recent years, we have heard a lot about ‘cyber power’ of countries, but when we think about what the term ‘cyber power’ means, there

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