Cyberattacks against Iranian gas stations


Iranian gas stations were disrupted across the country by a cyberattack last Tuesday.

Gholamreza Jalali, the head of Iran’s Civil Defence Organization, stated: “We are still unable to prove forensically what we believe, but analytically, I believe it was carried out by the Zionist Regime, the Americans, and their agents.”
During the weekend, an Iran-related hacking group, BlackShadow (which targeted the Israeli insurance company SHIRBIT last December and KLS Capital – a funding firm in March) broke into the servers of an Israeli hosting company named Cyberserve, bringing down many widely used websites.
These included an Israeli dating service for LGBT individuals named “Atraf”, Israeli public transportation firms, a tourism company, and others.
Considering the nature of this attack, we don’t learn much about Iran’s offensive cyber capabilities since it was not a highly sophisticated attack. ​According to the National Cyber Directorate, it had warned Cyberserve multiple times in the past year that it was vulnerable to such​ attacks. 
However, the damage might be severe, since the hackers began publishing personal information on Saturday, putting the LGBT community at risk.

I had the pleasure of speaking about that with The Jerusalem Press Club.
The interview is attached here – 

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