Diplomacy, Space and Cyber 🚀


In late May, the US State Department unveiled its groundbreaking strategic framework for space diplomacy.
This strategy marks a significant shift, highlighting the State Department’s prominent role in the American and global space sector and emphasizing the importance of diplomatic relations.

The framework outlines three key objectives for the department:
1. Promoting US space policy to ensure the safe and responsible use of space.
2. Encouraging international cooperation to address global challenges and further US foreign policy goals.
3. Equipping government personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle space policy issues effectively.

Additionally, the strategy acknowledges the emerging cyber threats to space systems:
– The Russian attack on satellite communication systems during the Ukraine invasion has highlighted the interdependency between the cyber and space sectors.

– The State Department aims to bolster international collaboration in commercial space endeavors while championing American standards and values.

– Collaboration with industry partners will be sought to integrate robust cybersecurity programs into space systems.
This approach will enable access control, mitigate vulnerabilities, safeguard ground stations, and manage threats originating from the supply chains of space companies.

– Strengthen the American policy on critical infrastructure and cyber security for by enhancing space systems’ resiliencencing the resilience of space systems against cyberattacks, partnering with the private sector, securing ground stations, and nurturing skilled personnel in this domain.

The timing of this strategy’s release is significant.
It coincides with the growing momentum in the US to classify space systems as critical national infrastructure deserving appropriate protection. Moreover, it responds to China’s escalating efforts in the space domain.

The strategy exemplifies how the United States aims to preserve and strengthen its position as a global leader in space through diplomatic means.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that a geopolitical tentiodn between the US and China extends into space. The impact of this strategy on the US’s standing and its influence over other countries operating in space remains uncertain.

Nonetheless, this strategic framework demonstrates the United States’ commitment to shaping the future of space exploration and diplomacy. By leveraging its diplomatic prowess, the State Department sets forth a clear vision for its space policy and paves the way for continued advancements in this important and inspiring domain.

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